Live Donut Class

Live Donut Class

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Homemade Donuts are a FAVORITE at our house. It’s a guarantee that ALL my kids will come over...and anyone else who catches word that it’s happening. We also make donuts for trick or treaters out on the front porch & have friends & new friends that have made it a guaranteed stop...driving 30 minutes by many! Their light and delicious! Fun part is, you can turn them into your favorite donut type...glazed, maple bar, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, filled....endless options! 

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Fullmer
🍩Loved the live donut class! 🍩

We all enjoyed the delicious donuts! My first time making them. I made a few mistakes, but we loved them! Tip-read all instructions first! Thanks, Mama Lisa! ♥️♥️

Renee Howard
Not enough time.

I didn’t have enough time to watch the class, but what I did watch was good. I just feel that for the cost, you should have permanent access so that you can go back to the video as needed.

Suzanne McBride
Love Mama Lisa

Took her Donut class and I Love how easy going and laid back she is. Donuts are so delish and was so easy to follow her. Will Definately be taking another class from her!!!

Debra Gull

The doughnut class was the best and also best tasting too.

Alyssa Leaming
Grate class!!

Lisa is such a great teacher. My doughnuts turned out perfect and they were delicious!